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Frontiers in Genomics: Raquel Cuevas-Díaz Durán
Non-coding RNAs and DNA regions are important regulators of gene expression in cells of the central nervous system

25 abril, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

Raquel Cuevas Diaz Duran

Raquel Cuevas-Díaz Durán, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, ITESM

Resumen de la ponencia

The nervous system of multicellular organisms comprises highly specialized cells which perform distinct physiological functions. Even though they possess nearly identical genomic DNA, their spatio-temporal heterogeneity is achieved through epigenetic mechanisms, for example DNA methylation, histone post-transcriptional modifications, chromatin remodeling, non-coding regions of the DNA, and non-coding transcripts. These regulatory mechanisms are fundamental for the physiology of nervous system cells and their dysregulation is involved in neurodegenerative disorders. In this seminar we will focus on transcriptional regulation driven by long non-coding RNAs, histone modifications, chromatin accessibility, and enhancers in cells of the central nervous system. We will discuss the application of different omics approaches for studying these regulatory mechanisms.

Frontiers in Genomics


25 abril, 2023
5:00 pm
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Licenciatura en Ciencias Genómicas