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Documentos Frontiers 2013-01

Cilia, Centrioles, and Cell SignalingTim StearnsHoh_PlosOne.pdf | mahjoub_CB.pdf
Genome evolution in filamentous plant pathogens: why bigger can be betterSophien KamounCSHSQB_2012.pdf | journal.ppat.1002940.pdf | NatureRevMicro_2012.pdf
Symbionts, viruses, mosquitoes and emerging infectious diseasesPatrick MavinguiMavingui_11.pdf | Mavingui_21.pdf | Mavingui_31.pdf
Revertant Somatic Mosaicism: Natural Gene TherapyBrian R. DavisBlood-2008-Davis-5064-7.pdf | nature10424.pdf | nihms312232.pdf | Science-2010-Davis-46-7.pdf
Stochastic dynamics of gene networksLev. S. Tsimringclocks_nature.pdf | Prindle_Nature2012.pdf | queueing_BJ2010.pdf | queueing_msb201194.pdf | oscillatornature.pdf
[CANCELADO] Evolvability in Sequence SpaceDaniel HartlHartl_DHFR_Cuernavaca_2012.doc | Hartl_Y Chsm_Cuernavaca_2012.docx | Lemos & 08 Science.pdf | Sackton & 11 PNAS.pdf
Adventures in Personal Genomics and Whole Omics ProfilingMichael SnyderPerformance comparison of exome DNA sequencing technologies.pdf | Performance comparison of whole-genome sequencing platforms.pdf | Personal Omics Profiling Re.pdf
[CANCELADO] Soft x-ray tomography generates 3-D views of intact cells at 50 nm resolutionCarolyn LarabellLarabell-Comp Biophys.pdf | SXT-Cell-2012.pdf | Yeast.pdf
Structure and function of intrinsically disordered proteinsPeter TompaPancsa, Tompa - 2012 - Structural Disorder in Eukaryotes.pdf | Reichmann et al. - 2012 - Order out of Disorder Working Cycle of an Intrinsically Unfolded Chaperone.pdf | Tompa - 2012 - Intrinsically disordered proteins a 10-year recap.pdf | Tompa, Fuxreiter - 2008 - Fuzzy complexes polymorphism and structural disorder in protein-protein interactions.pdf
Molecules and mechanisms of innate behavior in mammalsDarren LoganLogan et al 2012.pdf | McIntyre et al 2012.pdf | Papes et al 2010.pdf | Wynn et al 2012.pdf
The plant immune system and its role in shaping the root microbiomeJeff DanglCHOM_EHChung_RIN4P_0211.pdf | CHOM_RInnes_RIN4_Preview_0211.pdf | Nature_Lundberg_et_al_final_2012.pdf | Nature_Lundberg-et_al_SI_figures.pdf | Science-2011-Mukhtar-596-601.pdf
Tracking the units of microbial diversity with metagenomicsKostas Konstantinidis2011_Luo_et_al_E. coli_PNAS_F_Supplement.pdf | 2011_Luo_et_al_E. coli_PNAS_F.pdf | 2012_Caro_and_konstantinidis_Env_Micro_review.pdf | Mexico_May_2013_abstract_Konstantinidis.doc
Bacterial intelligence, and why it matters for human health and happinessSteven BusbyBrowning & Busby Nature Micro Rev.pdf | Curr Op Direct Methods.pdf | Curr Op NAPs.pdf | Lee et al AnnuRev-micro 2012.pdf
Toward a safer harvest: the role of enteric pathogens' plant-associated lifestyle and crop production practices in promoting...Max Teplitski2011_ProfessionalDevelopmentpptx.pdf | BrandlCoxTeplitski_draft.pdf | Noel_MPMI.pdf | Noel_PLoS.pdf