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Documentos Frontiers 2010-01

Biomarkers for Cancer and other DiseasesCharles DeLisi Genome-wide prioritization of disease genes and identification of disease-disease associations from an integrated human functional linkage network | In silico regulatory analysis for exploring human disease progression | VisANT 3.5: multi-scale network visualization, analysis and inference based on the gene ontology | Identifi cation and Characterization of Renal Cell Carcinoma Gene Markers | Towards zoomable multidimensional maps of the cell
Diverse Patterns of Domestication among Crop Plants: a comparative analysis Paul GeptsMapping Homologous Sequences for Determinacy and Photoperiod Sensitivity in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) | The Putative Mesoamerican Domestication Center of Phaseolus vulgaris Is Located in the Lerma–Santiago Basin of Mexico
Use of Next Generation Sequencing to Explore Plant Genomes: focus on polyploidyScott JacksonNext-Generation DNA Sequencing Methods | Molecular and Chromosomal Evidence for Allopolyploidy in Soybean
Systems Biology: Budding yeast cell cycleJan SkotheimThe effects of molecular noise and size control on variability in the budding yeast cell cycle | Positive feedback of G1 cyclins ensures coherent cell cycle entry
Plant Endomembrane System and Chemical GenomicsNatasha RaikhelOpportunities and challenges in plant chemical biology | Endosidin1 defines a compartment involved in endocytosis of the brassinosteroid receptor BRI1 and the auxin transporters PIN2 and AUX1
Chloroplast Genomics and Genetic Engineering for Biofuels, Biopharmaceuticals and Vaccines. Henry DaniellPlant-made vaccine antigens and biopharmaceuticals
Sex chromosome evolution and the future of menJennifer A. Marshall GravesSex Chromosome Specialization and Degeneration in Mammals | Weird Animal Genomes and the Evolution of Vertebrate Sex and Sex Chromosomes | Construction and evolution of imprinted loci in mammals
100 Million Years of Evolution meet the Personal GenomeArend SidowDistribution and intensity of constraint in mammalian genomic sequence
The genomics of the plant pathogens Agrobacterium and Xanthomonas citri Joao Carlos SetubalGenome Sequences of Three Agrobacterium Biovars Help Elucidate the Evolution of Multichromosome Genomes in Bacteria
Making a red blood cell: Discovering the regulatory role of KLF1 in erythropoiesis via ChIP-seqTimothy L. BaileyAssessing phylogenetic motif models for predicting transcription factor binding sites | High-throughput chromatin information enables accurate tissue-specific prediction of transcription factor binding sites
The Tree/Web of Life in Light of Horizontal Gene TransferJ. Peter GogartenHorizontal gene transfer from extinct and extant lineages: biological innovation and the coral of life | The Tree/Web of Life in Light of Horizontal Gene Transfer | Intertwined Evolutionary Histories of Marine Synechococcus and Prochlorococcus marinus | On the chimeric nature, thermophilic origin, and phylogenetic placement of the Thermotogales
[CANCELADO] Seeking the Mechanism of Protein FoldingGeorge D. RoseStructure and Energetics of the Hydrogen-Bonded Backbone in Protein Folding | A backbone-based theory of protein folding | A molecular mechanism for osmolyte-induced protein stability
Genetics Becomes GenomicsW. Richard McCombie High-Content Analysis of Cancer Genome DNA Alterations | Mapping epigenetic mutations in fission yeast using whole-genome next-generation sequencing