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Documentos Frontiers 2008-01

The Role of Promoter Architecture in Yeast Transcriptional InitiationBoris ShakhnovichOrigins and impact of constraints in evolution of gene families | Positional clustering improves computational binding site detection and identifies novel cis-regulatory sites in mammalian GABAA receptor subunit genes | Binding Site Graphs: A New Graph Theoretical Framework for Prediction of Transcription Factor Binding Sites
Designing Biological SystemsPamela SilverDesigning biological systems | Rational design of memory in eukaryotic cells | Systems engineering without an engineer: Why we need systems biology
Comparative Analysis and Annotation of Microbial Genomes and Metagenomes with the Integrated Microbial Genomes Family of SystemsVictor MarkowitzIMG/M: a data management and analysis system for metagenomes | The integrated microbial genomes (IMG) system in 2007: data content and analysis tool extensions | Microbial genome data resources (COBT 2007).pdf | Missing genes in metabolic pathways (COCB 2003).pdf
Stochasticity and Cell FateRichard LosickNoise in Gene Expression Determines Cell Fate in Bacillus subtilis | Bistability and biofilm formation in Bacillus subtilis | Stochasticity and Cell Fate
Molecular Evolution of a Complex Signal Transduction System in ProkaryotesIgor B. ZhulinAncient chemoreceptors retain their flexibility | One-component systems dominate signal transduction in prokaryotes
Control of redox homeostasis in the endoplasmic reticulumChris KaiserModulation of Cellular Disulfide-Bond Formation and the ERRedox Environment by Feedback Regulation of Ero1 | Conservation and Diversity of the Cellular Disulfide Bond Formation Pathways
Genomic Disorders: The Genomic Basis of Disease and Clinical Implementation of High Resolution Genome AnalysisJames R. LupskiA DNA Replication Mechanism for Generating Nonrecurrent Rearrangements Associated with Genomic Disorders | Genomic Rearrangements and Gene Copy-Number Alterations as a Cause of Nervous System Disorders | 2007_LupskiJR_NatGenet_Vol39_ppS43-S47.pdf | Structural Variation in the Human Genome
Biodegradation of Chemicals in the Environment: New Insights from Genomics and BioinformaticsLawrence P. WackettEvolution of Catabolic Pathways: Genomic Insights into Microbial s-Triazine Metabolism | Microbial Pathway Prediction: A Functional Group Approach
Single Molecule Approach to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: From in vitro to in vivo StudiesSunney XieEver-fluctuating single enzyme molecules: Michaelis-Menten equation revisited | Probing Transcription Factor Dynamics at the Single-Molecule Level in a Living Cell
Evolutionary Genomics of Microbes and Microbial CommunitiesPilar FrancinoSelection against Spurious Promoter Motifs Correlates with Translational Efficiency across Bacteria | Genome-Wide Experimental Determination of Barriers to Horizontal Gene Transfer
Mutational Hotspots and Genomic EvolutionSusan LovettCis and Trans-acting Effects on a Mutational Hotspot Involving a Replication Template Switch | A Novel Mutational Hotspot in a Natural Quasipalindrome in Escherichia coli
Ecological and Physiological Roles of Small MoleculesJon ClardyFeeM, an N-Acyl Amino Acid Synthase from an Uncultured Soil Microbe: Structure, Mechanism, and Acyl Carrier Protein Binding | Structural and Functional Analysis of Pantocin A: An Antibiotic from Pantoea agglomerans Discovered by Heterologous Expression of Cloned Genes | The Biosynthetic Gene Cluster of Pantocin A Provides Insights into Biosynthesis and a Tool for Screening
Unfolded Protein Response: How the Endoplasmic Reticulum Talks to the NucleusPeter WalterIntracellular Signaling by the Unfolded Protein Response | On the mechanism of sensing unfolded protein in the endoplasmic reticulum | IRE1 Signaling Affects Cell Fate During the Unfolded Protein Response