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Lista de seminarios Frontiers 2007-01

Los seminarios son los martes a las 5:00 P.M.

19 Feb 2007CCGDr. Roberto KolterOn how genomics has revolutionized microbiology
26 Feb 2007CCGDr. Matthew P. ScottHedgehog signaling in development and disease
12 Mar 2007CCGDr. Richard A. GibbsMolecular Technologies for mapping and sequencing
09 Abr 2007CCGDra. Barbara J. TraskDynamic duplications in the human genome
16 Abr 2007CCGDra. Mariel VazquezMathematical and computational modeling of DNA rearrangements
23 Abr 2007CCGDr. Frederick W. AltGenomic stability in mammalian cell
14 Mayo 2007CCGDr. Tony FutermanSphingolipids in health and disease