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Documentos Frontiers 2006-01

Channelopathies: Molecular Characterization of Episodic Neurological diseasesLouis PtacekFamilial Advanced sleep-phase syndrome | The gene for paroxysmal non-kinesigenic dyskinesia encodes an enzyme in a stress response pathway | Mutations in Kir2.1 Cause the Developmental and Episodic Electrical Phenotypes of Andersen's Syndrome | Channels and Disease | An hPer2 Phosphorylation Site Mutation in Familial Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome | Functional consequences of a CKId mutation causing familial advanced sleep phase syndrome
Reading Evolution Mechanisms From Comparisons of GenomesBernard DujonComparative Genomics of Hemiascomycete Yeasts | Comparative Genomics of Hemiascomycete Yeasts | Genome evolution in yeasts | Hemiascomycetous yeasts at the forefront of comparative genomics | Molecular Evolution of Minisatellites in Hemiascomycetous Yeasts | TIG DUJON / Fig Textbox1 | TIG DUJON / Fig Textbox2 | TIG DUJON / Figure 1 | TIG DUJON / Figure 2 | TIG DUJON / Figure 3 | TIG DUJON / Figure 4 | TIG DUJON / Eukaryotic Genome Evolution: Yeasts Zoom in Molecular Mechanisms | Cuernavaca_200306.ppt
Implicaciones Éticas y Filosóficas de la GenómicaJuliana González V.
Human Genome Structural Variation, Disease and EvolutionEvan EichlerA genome-wide comparison of recent chimpanzee and human segmental duplications | Fine-scale structural variation of the human genom | Patchwork people | Widening the spectrum of human genetic variation | Genomic Duplications, Structural Variation and Disease
Dynamics of the Human GenomeRafael PalaciosPrediction, identification, and artificial selection of DNA rearrangements in Rhizobium | Natural Genomic Design in Sinorhizobium meliloti: Novel Genomic Architectures
Structural Variation in the Human Genome - Past, Present, and FutureCharles LeeDetection of large-scale variation in the human genome | Copy number variants and pharmacogenomics | Vive la difference! | Common deletion polymorphisms in the human genome | WIDESPREAD STRUCTURAL VARIATION IN THE HUMAN GENOME
Alignment and Annotation of the Drosophila GenomesLior PatcherIntraspecies sequence comparisons for annotating genomes | Alingment and Annotation of the Drosophila Genomes
Integrons and Bacterial Genome EvolutionDidier MazelBacterial genome plasticity and integrons