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Documentos Frontiers 2005-02

MetagenomicsDr. Patrick SchlossCloning the Soil Metagenome | Metagenomics
Order and disorder in bacterial genomesDr. Eduardo RochaOrder and disorder in bacterial genomes | The replication-related organization of bacterial genomes | COMPARATIVE GENOMIC STRUCTURE OF PROKARYOTES
Transcriptional dysregulation in the human skeletal dysplasiasDr. Brendan LeeType X collagen gene regulation | Lifelong elimination of hyperbilirubinemia in the Gunn rat | Urea-cycle disorders | Long-Term Correction of Ornithine Transcarbamylase Deficiency | Characterization of a New Syndrome
In vivo genetic engineering by homologous recombinationDr. Donald CourtAn efficient recombination system | Enhanced levels of lambda | RECOMBINEERING
Evolutionary genomics of gene expressionDr. King JordanEvolutionary significance of gene expression divergence | Conservation and Coevolution
Predicción de señales de regulación en secuencias no-codificadorasDr. Jacques van HeldenExtracting Regulatory Sites | The Analysis of Regulatory Sequences | Prediction of Transcriptional Regulation
Utilizing Logical Relationships in Genomic Data to Decipher Cellular ProcessesDr. Peter BowersUse of Logic Relationships | Prolinks
High-throughput studies of protein interactions by the yeast two-hybrid assayDra. Marissa VignaliLarge-scale identification of yeast integral membrane protein interactions | A comprehensive analysis of protein-protein interactions
Systems Biology of Cell Fate Decision in Stem cellsDr. Sui HuangThe essence of multicellularity | Multistability and Multicellularity | Back to the biology in systems biology | Cell Fates as High-Dimensional Attractor States
Bacterial GenomicsDr. Robert HaselkornGenome Analysis of F. nucleatum sub spp vincentii | Genome sequence of Bacillus cereus
Molecular characterization of episodic neurological disordersDr. Louis PtacekFunctional consequences of a CKId mutation causing familial advanced sleep phase syndrome | An hPer2 Phosphorylation Site Mutation in Familial Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome | A Novel Gene Causing a Mendelian Audiogenic Mouse Epilepsy | Mutations in Kir2.1 | The gene for paroxysmal non-kinesigenic dyskinesia
Functional Genomics of Nitrogen Acquisition and Abiotic Stress Tolerance in PlantsDr. Michael UdvardiGRAS Genes and the Symbiotic Green Revolution | Genome-Wide Reprogramming | Real-Time RT-PCR profiling | Global changes in transcription